About Chhath

The Chhath Puja, which is also known as Dala Chhath, is a significant festival celebrated in Bihar, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh including all the megacities and capital cities of India in addition to Mauritius, Surinam, Trinidad, UK, Holland, Durban and many other countires of the world by Indians immigrants residing and or working abroad. The setting sun is worshipped in this Puja which is a unique one and over takes saying of “Every one salutes the rising sun”.
Chhath Puja is celebrated most elaborately in Bihar and in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, and even in Mauritius, mostly amongst Bhojpuri and Maithili speaking people. The puja is being done since time immemorial with unvarying faith that Sun God fulfills all the wishes if the ritual of ‘araghya’ is offered with complete devotion. The people also worship ‘Chhathi Maiya’ on this day along with Moon and Earth.
The Chhath Festival is one of the most important festivals of Bihar. It is devoted to the Sun God and its rituals entail a rigorous regimen. As it is celebrated over a period of four days around Kaartik Shukla Paksha Shashthi (the sixth day of the waxing moon fortnight during the lunar month Kaartik), it is also known as Surya Shashthi.
The Chhath rituals primarily relate to paying obeisance to the Sun God. It is believed that this festival was started by “Karna”, who was the son of Surya by Kunti, but his mother had discarded him apprehending social stigma. People commonly believe that the Sun’s healingPower’ (Shakti) has an independent identity, which is known as Chhathi Maiya (Chhath Mother), who in reality is worshipped during the Chhath rituals. Some schools of thought relate Chhathi Maiya to the Usha who is described in Vedas as a faint light (twilight) at the crack of the dawn, but in popular perception, she is considered to be the Consort of Surya. Another school believes that an unwavering devotion to Chhathi Maiya affords one to be blessed by divine consciousness, which substantially helps one in overcoming the travails of this material life on earth, towards the final goal of achieving moksha.